Sandra Bargman

My Heart Singing and Storytelling...

My story is about more. Wanting more. I think the story of wanting more is really our universal story.

I was born in upstate New York, and was a very athletic tomboyish kid. I was singing by the time I could talk, playing violin and singing in regional choirs by the age of 6, and producing my own backyard cabarets by the age of 7. I was also very connected to Spirit. My lil path was clear and I wanted more.

When I was 9, we moved to Pittsburgh, PA. I was lucky to attend schools that had strong arts programs where my musical and artistic talents were encouraged and nourished. Many plays, musicals, concerts, and violin lessons later, I graduated from high school and did my first professional production, playing Louisa in The Fantastics, yes, my one and only stint as an ingenue. I received my BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in theatre and music. My path was clear and I wanted more.

I moved to NYC and began my career. I did regional theatre, cabaret in all the NYC rooms, I went to Tokyo, working at Tokyo Disneyland, as well as singing jazz standards in a small Tokyo nightclub. I sang jazz and blues in the NYC clubs with a glorious 3-piece band led by singer-songwriter Michael Raye, I performed on cruise ships, and I longed for something more.

My restless longing led me out of NYC and to upstate NY. I did more regional theatre, and summer stock. Through living in the country, I re-ignited my relationship with Mother Earth and I wrote and performed 2 environmentally themed childrens musicals. I did commercials and voice overs, directed children of all ages in theatre, and created, directed and performed in a 3 women blues review called Wild Women Blues, having runs in Saratoga Springs, Albany, and at the Triad in NYC.

I became very restless, needing MORE.
I went back to NYC and did more, doing off-broadway, broadway nationals, more commercials and voice overs.


Through the years, I was also exploring my relationship with Spirit, reading books on Theosophy, energy work, and the spiritual sciences. I called myself "Amazon" and began A.I.M. Productions (Amazon In Motion), playfully aluding to my stature, but really meaning "amazon as spiritual warrior", someone seeking self-knowledge.

I also began to connect with a deep desire to serve and to counsel. From way back, people have trusted me with their personal stories, and they sought my feedback on what was happening for them, or asked for my thoughts on crucial decisions. "You're a great listener" is what I often heard.

I longed for more.
But why? I always wanted more ... and thought if I did more, got more, that I could be, would be happier. What was this "MORE" I was seeking?

Finally I was brought to my knees.
I enrolled in The New Seminary for Interfaith Ministries and was ordained in 2007.
It was through the journey of seminary that I began to understand what I was longing for...
I longed for more of Me.
I longed for more of Spirit.
I longed for more of My Life As Spirit.
I came to know more of Me, and therefore I could share more of me.

My restless longing brought me home to me. The "MORE" that I longed for was the reconnection to my deepest passions. And it is in these passions where the sense of the sacred exists. It IS sacred.

I continue to study - to learn - to expand. I am constantly rewriting my story.

And now I am creating my greatest passion, the melding of my deepest loves, performing and ministry, into an organization. Witness the birth of Sacred Stages.

That's my story. So far. And the best is yet to come. 

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Amazon Horse

"Creative people play.

They embrace life with
a daring
that others caution against.
While others carefully
calculate time, dollars, and effort, creative people
greet God
with new ideas, engage in dialogue, and allow themselves to become vulnerable to the
fiery touch of Spirit.
Whether praying, writing, painting, or serving,
they delight in the essence of life called Spirituality."

- Rev. Carol E. Parrish - Harra


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